As a complete solution provider, Visu-Sewer will first evaluate conditions and then recommend the best course of action for rehabilitation or repair. We’ve seen it all, and our 40-plus years of experience in providing trenchless solutions such as chemical grouting, CIPP and manhole rehabilitation allows us to develop custom solutions based on your unique needs.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting stops leaks at the three most critical points of entry: mainline joints, manholes and service connections. The least expensive “first line of defense” in the battle against infiltration into sewer systems, chemical grouting stops leaks within minutes of application for long-lasting repairs. The chemicals are forced into the surrounding soil where they gel with the soil into a waterproof mass which cannot be extruded back into the sewer system. The watertight collar adheres to the outer surface of the pipe, where it will remain indefinitely.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) – Visu-Sewer is a licensed installer of the National Liner Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system. This process rehabilitates pipes by installing a new fully structural cured-in-place pipe inside the host pipe from above ground. The new pipe “inside the old pipe” will provide maximum strength and flow capacity without the need for digging. National liner CIPP may be custom-designed to meet your unique requirements in strength, wall thickness, bends, and chemical resistance, and is fully compliant with ASTM F1216.

Sectional CIPP – When pipe defects are isolated to a couple locations, Sectional Lining may be the smart financial choice. This trenchless spot repair process is a method of installing a short section of fully structural CIPP to reinforce specific defect locations. The new section of CIPP may be custom-designed to meet your requirements for strength, wall thickness, and can accommodate 8” to 24” pipe diameters (Available lengths will depend on pipe diameter).

Cementitious – Strong Seal® Storm Seal® Pipe-lining: This a specially formulated, fiber-reinforced cementitious mixture designed for rehabilitating corrugated metal pipe, culverts, concrete pipe, catch basins, and other storm water structures. Storm Seal® is centrifugally cast and can accommodate 24” to 60” pipe diameters. Storm Seal® may also be sprayed manually or troweled in structures or larger diameter pipe sections.

Manhole and Lift Station Rehabilitation

Strong Seal® – The Strong Seal manhole rehabilitation system completely rehabilitates and provides a new manhole, tightly bound within the existing structure. The resulting half-inch to one-inch thick monolithic liner is fully structural, and the cementitious, high strength mortar is hand-sprayed and trowel finished to ensure proper coverage.

Raven® – The Raven epoxy manhole and lift station rehabilitation system has a 30 year track record of protecting below-ground structures from hydrogen sulfide attack. Raven epoxies eliminate infiltration, provides an exceptional bond to moisture-filled substrates and results in a complete structural enhancement with an ultra-high build thickness.

McNeil Technologies (Triplex) – Triplex is a leading cured-in-place (CIP) product for the permanent rehabilitation of structures in sewer collection systems that are failing due to chemical corrosion and infiltration of groundwater. The patented Triplex structural lining system is a CIP product that is quality constructed with three-layers including fiberglass and an epoxy system that contains a vital, non-porous internal PVC membrane. The process uses the existing structure as a mold, enabling installation without the need for excavation and prolonged sewage flow and traffic disruption.