To Visu-Sewer, “asset management” means ensuring pipes are consistently well maintained to avoid costly repairs and non-compliance down the road. We will work with you to develop a custom maintenance contract to give you peace of mind that your system is operating at peak performance to minimize costly surprises in the future.


We have everything you need to thoroughly clean and remove obstructions (i.e. root, deposits, protruding laterals, etc.) from underground assets including sanitary sewers, combination sewers and storm sewers. Our jet crews are equipped with the appropriate tools for the job and can provide root cutting, protruding tap removal, and mineral deposit reaming, as needed, to get the job done right.


Many system owners “jet clean” their system annually, but few are diligent in removing the solids accumulated during the jetting operation. Visu-Sewer has a fleet of combination jet/vacuum trucks that not only jet the pipe, but also remove the potentially troublesome debris from the system. These units are also excellent hydro-excavators and are often utilized to expose utilities prior to construction. Services include pump/lift station and tank cleaning, hydro-excavating and catch basin cleaning.


Somewhat of a lost art in the highly technical sewer industry, bucket cleaning is still an excellent option for cleaning mid-size pipe sections (21” – 48”) which are subjected to ongoing high flows. It is also a great method for removing stubborn root masses and mineral deposits prior to rehabilitation.

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