There are many levels of rehabilitation. As a complete solutions provider, we will work with you to first evaluate the situation and then recommend the best plan of action. We know that every job and every customer is different. So while there is no simple answer, with complete and thorough evaluation, there is always a simple solution.
Chemical Grouting

This form of rehabilitation is the best and least expensive “first line of defense” in the battle against infiltration. It stops leaks within minutes of application and repairs are permanent.

  • Chemical Grout is fast, sure, economical and proven – Chemical grout was first developed and applied in 1955.  Since that time it has been used to stop leaks in sewers, manholes, tanks, vaults, tunnels, and many other  applications all over the world. Recent studies and over 40 years of experience indicate that America’s first  trenchless technology is still the best, most cost-effective, long-term defense against infiltration of groundwater  into structurally sound sewer systems.
  • Stop leaks at the three critical points of entry – Most infiltration enters structurally sound sewers systems through mainline joints, manholes and service connections. The best and most economical way to stop these leaks is with chemical grout.

Additional information regarding chemical grouting can be found at www.avantigrout.com.

Pipeline Rehabilitation
Visu-Sewer is a licensed installer of the National Liner® CIPP System. This cured-in-place (CIPP) process gives you maximum strength and flow capacity in lines which have tight bends or transitions in size or shape. It may be custom-designed to meet your requirements in strength, wall thickness, and chemical resistance, and is fully compliant with ASTM F1216.

Visu-Sewer offers two National Liner CIPP systems: Mainline Pipe Lining and Lateral Pipe Lining.

Manhole Rehabilitation
As long as there have been manholes, there has been a need to repair them. But, until recently, there have been more problems than solutions. Now we have solutions that range from stopping cover leaks to complete manhole rehabilitation. And we have the expertise to know which product to use in each situation. Manholes should be protected both inside and out. Chemical grouts are the best solution to seal the manhole from the outside.

The inside of the manhole should be cleaned and lined with a product which will protect it from corrosion and provide structural integrity. Visu-Sewer utilizes two proven Manhole Rehabilitation Systems: Strong-Seal Cementatious Lining System and Raven Epoxy Lining Systems. We can help you choose the best solution for your unique circumstances.

Chemical Grout
Manhole Relining Before
Manhole Relining After