Understanding the exact condition of your system is not a guessing game. Thorough inspection is the crucial first step to well-maintained pipes. That’s where Visu-Sewer comes in. Our PACP-certified technicians inspect and grade your assets with high-resolution video to help locate problems before they become emergencies.


CCTV – We use the newest camera technology available, including equipment with color/pan and tilt/zoom/crawler cameras and tractor transporters. State-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our PACP-certified TV inspection personnel, provide the best pipe inspection services in the country. We deliver high resolution video with on-screen graphics as well as written (and audible) notes, which allow you to accurately locate problems before they become emergencies, giving you the opportunity to select the most appropriate rehabilitation and repair technology for your pipelines.

LETS – This unique Lateral Evaluation Televising System (LETS) allows for the inspection of the sanitary sewer lateral from the mainline pipe. It has the ability to inspect up to 120 feet of a 4” to 6” pipe from mainline sewers (8” to 21”). It is an excellent option to inspect for lateral I/I and also can be used to provide an assessment of lateral pipe conditions prior to paving.

Digital Recording – Visu-Sewer uses the highest resolution equipment available to capture video and audio in user-friendly digital formats to show you the most precise conditions of your system. Each of our TV inspection units are outfitted with onboard computers to deliver data in real-time, with a dedicated Visu-Sewer IT team to provide support in the field and in the office.


Dye Water Flooding – Dye water flooding often reveals sources of infiltration and hidden cross connections between sanitary and storm sewers. When dyed water flooded into the storm sewer appears in the sanitary system, the source is unmistakable. Once the source of the infiltration is known, the most cost-effective correction method can be determined.

Manhole Inspections – The inspection of manholes for condition assessment should be part of every inspection project, but manholes can also be a major source of I&I. The Inspections can be as simple or detailed as desired, but the results often provide unique insight into the overall performance of your collection system. Visu-Sewer’s manhole pole camera systems augment these types of inspections and reveal a detailed image of the condition of the manhole, along with a view of conditions up each pipe connection.

Smoke Testing – Inflow is a leading cause of collection system overflows, and there is no faster or easier way to find the sources than with smoke testing. This simple, inexpensive operation quickly gives you the information you need so you can apply your resources where they will do the most good.

Inspection of Manhole
CCTV Video Image
Smoke Testing