Raven Lining Projects:  Visu-Sewer became a part of Raven Lining Systems certified applicated network in 1998 due to their innovative technologies and rich history of success in the water, wastewater and manhole rehabilitation industry. We are continually audited by Raven to ensure the quality of our work aligns with their service excellence. A few recent lining projects detailed here.  

Loudoun Water (Fall 2019-2020)

24,000 SF Broad Run Bio-Filter Liner Rehabilitation

Overview: Loudoun Water contacted Visu-Sewer to remove the protective liner covering their bio-filter concrete tank in Broad Run, VA. Bio filters contain a media that has a charcoal rock consistency.  The media is inoculated with a living micro-organism that eats odors in the sewer gas (Hydrogen Sulfide) running through it, and thus cleaning the gas.  Every ten years the media has to be changed out. When Loudoun Water opened the tanks, they found that the protective liner was compromised. Visu-Sewer removed the old coating and installed Raven 405 to restore the bio filter tank.

Raven 405 is formulated to provide structural renewal for severely deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. It is a solvent-free 100% solids, ultra-high build epoxy coating formulated with exceptionally high physical strengths and broad range chemical resistance.

Biggest challenge: Removing the old coating that was a rubber consistency and very difficult to remove. Due to the success of this project, Raven is the only coating Loudoun Water accepts.

    Town of Leesburg (July 2021)

    Rehabilitate Three Digesters, 30 ft in diameter, 30 ft. deep

    Overview: The coating on three digesters, made of steel and concrete had failed. Visu-Sewer removed the old liner and lined each with Raven 405 due to its superior bond to concrete and steel.

     Challenge: Coordinating with the treatment facility to make sure they had at least two of the other digesters online at all times, which was done successfully!

      Greenville, S.C. – RWR – Renewable Water Resources

      Reedy River Basin (August 2021)

      Overview: Super Excavators built a massive river basin structure in Greenville, S.C. for Renewable Water Resources.  It is 30 ft in diameter and 94 ft deep. Super Excavator contracted with Visu-Sewer to line the syphon structure which is approximately 11,000 SF. We applied 125 mils of Raven 405 and performed destructive pull testing to confirm a proper bond to the surface. Testing included anchoring (epoxy) dollies, letting them set for 24 hours, and then using the an Elcometer device, we measured the bond strength of the epoxy to the concrete. Raven 405 was the perfect resin, as it is designed for operating temperatures up to 200°F,  and its unique ultra high-build ability allows it to be spray applied on vertical and overhead surfaces.

      Challenge: Everything had to be executed from a crane-supported  platform. Due to the heat and fluctuating temperatures,  most of the application of the epoxy had to be done at night.